hi! i'm the momma behind a noble calling. I'm here to remind you of your worth and create for you the (as close to perfect as you can get) nursing dress.

Hi! I'm Kirstin, the momma behind A Noble Calling. I believe worth is intrinsic and raising littles is WAY more important than any of us realize...or often times get credit for.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you- never did I ever think I would be designing nursing friendly dresses for women. It just wasn't part of the plan. Clothing? Yes. Breastfeeding dresses? NO.

But, after having a baby and spending way too much time looking for nursing options that just didn't seem to exist, I decided something needed to be done. So, like any perfectionist would conclude, I decided if I wanted this done right I had to make these nursing dresses myself.

The dresses aren't made yet, but they are coming and I hope you love them as much as I do. They are designed in a way that will hopefully get you a more customized fit. They are functional without compromising on style. They will be made of wonderfully soft and natural fibers. And, they will be washer and dryer friendly- because who really has time for special washing instructions when you're taking care of a baby???

This process has been a lot of work. A bit more than I thought it would be. But it is oh so worth it. Why? Because you, the wonderful Momma reading this, are worth it too.