When you Pitch Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses at a Technology School...

Last Fall I had 90 seconds to convince a panel of judges that I had a fantastic business idea. In 90 seconds I experienced just about every possible emotion you don't want to experience while presenting (READ: I was too nervous to get my whole pitchout), yet somehow managed to make it through to the final round of pitches. Spoiler alert- I didn't win the competition. But, I'd say I was still a winner. This pitch was what got the ball rolling. It gave me the courage to get started, and I have no intention of stopping until this pitch is no longer a just an idea, but a reality.  

For your viewing pleasure, here is that pitch;

I want you to imagine a time when you were in so much pain, you were pretty positive you were gonna lose your mind, and multiply that moment times- say 83…THAT’S CHILDBIRTH

With that thought, is it any wonder that, after someone has had a baby, they feel less than great? Personally, I kind of felt like I’d been hit by a truck- a garbage truck- ‘cus that’s what I felt like. GARBAGE.
BUT just because we feel like garbage after having a baby doesn’t mean that we need to look like it.

Last year 8.7 million women gave birth, and 83% of them tried breastfeeding. My limited research would suggest that almost the entire 83% were not happy with the clothing options available to them as mothers. Unfortunately, nursing friendly clothing options aren’t really helping in that area.

A less than valiant attempt has been made to make nursing options available…and a little more palatable. BUT, at the end of the day, they’re still falling short. The gap between ugly and cheap and ridiculously overpriced and still not all that functional is huge.

My idea is to create a capsule styled line of clothing that delivers on quality, price, functionality and style.

Clothing may seem like a trivial matter. But, it’s actually really important because clothing changes lives. When a woman feels good, she feels confident. She feels like she can do anything. She’s empowered to ROCK the ‘mom thing.’ And that doesn’t just affect her, it affects her child too. A confident woman creates a ripple effect, that, one person at a time can change the world.